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Things to Consider Before Buying Sports Headphones

No matter you like running outside or doing workouts at GYM or at home, music is a must-have, so as headphones. And you want get the best one to your needs. There are a couple of things to consider before you decide to buy.

Wired vs. Wireless
Theres a big advantage of wired earphones is that they never need charging, but the wires can easily get it your way and it can infuriatingly tug the earbuds out of your ears if you accidentally catch the cable while running.
When comes to wireless headphones, there are some say wireless but still with wires. If you want ditch all wireless completely, look at our truly wireless earbuds.

Sweat Resistant
You probably sweat a lot while running or other intense workouts. Our Tranya wireless earbuds is with proved IPX5 degree of water or sweat resistant. They can be your best friends and give you extra boost to help you get through the most boring endure workouts.

Comfort and Fit
Nothing is more annoy when you have to adjust your earbuds while running. Think about how the earbuds will fit comfortably in your ears and how stable they are. And take a look at the weight of the earbuds, the lighter the less burden.
When we make our
wireless earbuds, we take it into care that peoples ears varies. They comes with 3 extra different pairs of eartips in S/M/L sizes. And they are pretty light weight of less than 5 grams.

Control and Pairing
Sports earphones should be easy to control. And it is also very important how easily the connection setup is. The Tranya wireless earbuds supports one-click pairing and auto pairing after first connection. You can use each of the right and left earbuds alone and both together. And if you prefer wireless earbuds with touch control, check out the latest Tranya B530 wireless earbuds.


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